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Riyadh hosts Peninsula Horses World Championship Festival, the first event in the Middle East

Purebred Arabian horses have played an essential role in highlighting the Kingdom's identity as one of its most important historical and cultural symbols since ancient times and in line with the leaps we are experiencing today in various fields to achieve the Kingdom's Vision 2030.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will hold Peninsula Horses World Championship Festival in its tenth edition for the first time in the Middle East, beginning on October 11, 2023, at the Nofa Resort in Riyadh.

It will include the event, which is run by the King Abdulaziz Arabian Horse Center and includes the Manifa Saudi Origin Championship. It is the festival's first championship, which will take place on October 11th.

Straight Egyptian World Championship is in its ninth year, with the participation of a large number ofhorses from countries all around the world.

Over twenty nations will compete for the titles of the two festival championships (Manifa Saudi Origin Championship - Straight Egyptian World Championship) and first place among an international judging panel.

Mr. Imad Al Rashid, the president of the festival's supreme organizing committee, indicated that all preparations would be finished in a few days to accept guests and participants from important worldwide and local stables and studs interested in purebred Arabian horse competitions. He went on to say that we are reaching out to all segments of society in order to spread the culture of equestrianism, which is seen as an extension of real Arab heritage and the history of the fathers and grandparents.

“We target all segments of society to spread the culture of equestrianism, which is an extension of the authentic Arab heritage and the history of our ancestors”, said Mr. Imad Al Rashid.

Every day, the festival anticipates receiving thousands of guests of all ages and providing them with an engaging and lively atmosphere. A unique exhibition, a free show, the Arabian knight identity, an auction of purebred Arabian horses, and an international operetta with performers from all around the world are all part of the festival.

The valuable prizes that will be awarded to competitors in the festival's unique contests, totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars in photography, production, championship clips, and other categories.


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